I repeatedly ask myself this question, and the answer always leads to the same conclusion: NO.

Defining Productivity

But what does “productive” truly mean? It means “achieving or producing a significant amount or result.” For many of us, productivity is measured by our capacity to achieve tangible outcomes, and in the business world, where results are the norm, a productive workforce is essential.

The essentials

What does it take to be productive? Is it just a matter of discipline, organization, focus, and the mastery of time management? While possessing these skills can undoubtedly take you places, the accurate question is: will they sustain your success over the long term?

My personal “twist”

Here lies the twist in my approach to productivity. Long-term productivity is unattainable without good health, and I mean that emphatically. Temporarily, you may manage productivity without prioritizing health, enjoying years of success and perhaps achieving stardom. Yet, if health is neglected, your body and mind may eventually signal, often not subtly, that they’ve had enough.

Health is a priceless asset—one we must never take for granted. It demands continual attention and effort, acknowledging that despite our best efforts, it might surprise us. However, while health outcomes are uncertain, one thing is always true: neglecting health will eventually impact productivity because optimal health is essential for sustaining a demanding pace.

The FlipSide’s Mission

When Rosana and I founded The FlipSide, we wanted to answer a critical question: how can we assist busy professionals, high achievers, and young students in maximizing both productivity and health?

This question guides our daily work because the reality is that navigating this terrain isn’t always easy, given the overwhelming abundance of information. If a singular method could achieve productivity and health, there wouldn’t be so many books covering time management, brain health, exercise, and nutrition. The numerous offerings suggest that various approaches work, each catering to different individuals and circumstances.

Our Different Approach

This is why, our approach differs. We don’t aspire to be the final destination or the sole solution. Instead, we bring our academic backgrounds, experience, and research capabilities to provide our clients with science-based tools, techniques, and approaches as the starting point of a personalized journey. We aim to spark curiosity, encouraging individuals to observe, adjust, experiment, and find what works best for them.

In my professional journey (as shared here), I’ve had to observe, experiment, and adjust numerous times. What worked for me in my 20s on the productivity and health front wasn’t ideal for my 30s. Strategies that served me well in my early 30s required a complete readjustment upon moving to Canada. Now, in my 50s, I remain a work in progress. From productivity methods to exercise regimens and nutrition plans, I anticipate this process will continue until my last day. I anticipate others will be sharing a similar trajectory, and through The FlipSide, we hope to provide them with a starting point for their journey.

Productivity-Driven Health

Our health approach doesn’t center on curing or preventing illnesses; it’s perpetually focused on productivity. How can one manage stress more effectively to enhance or sustain productivity? How can improved sleep optimize performance at work? What dietary choices maintain mental focus during a mid-afternoon document review? How can daily movement and exercise enhance brainpower while reducing stress levels?

This is our productivity-oriented approach to health.  We know it works!