When MV and I initiated discussions about creating a business, our focus was clear: helping busy individuals, like ourselves, attain better health and increased productivity. We aimed to avoid the pitfalls of drastic life overhauls, fads, or quick hacks. Instead, our emphasis is on fostering an understanding and adoption of health as a lifestyle, with productivity naturally aligning as a balanced outcome. Health and productivity, to us, are two side of a coin – The FlipSide.

Productivity is an Outcome.

Productivity isn’t merely about checking off tasks like a robot. It involves achieving meaningful results that propel you forward without inducing overwhelming stress. This includes having a clear purpose, maintaining good energy, focusing effectively, and managing time wisely within the 24 hours we all share (and there is not exception here). The optimal baseline for powering up these elements is a state of balance in mental and physical health. It’s not about perfection but about finding equilibrium.

Health is an Active State.

The amazing and kind nature of “health” lies in its dynamism and resilience. It’s not a static achievement but an ongoing, ever-changing work in progress. What I worked for at my 30s is not the same, nor my body reacts equally, at my almost 50s. Health is an active state, shaped by the changes of time and the daily care we provide to our brains and bodies through deliberate actions (or lack thereof). From the thoughts we allow our minds to entertain to the food we consume, the movement we engage in, and the relationships we nurture – all these choices actively shape our health.

James Clear aptly expressed this sentiment, stating, “Your body adapts to what you eat. Your mind adapts to what you consume. Your soul adapts to what you love. What you feed yourself today is who you become tomorrow.”

Choice is your Superpower.

MV and I firmly believe that everyone possesses the power to make choices that positively influence their health and lifestyle. Yet, the challenge lies not only in the choices we make daily but also, perhaps more crucially, in those we overlook – whether intentionally or inadvertently. Cultivating the ability to make sound health choices requires curiosity, interest, dedicated effort, and consistent time investment – and the former is something The FlipSide excels at: we simplify complex brain and body knowledge into actionable tools and strategies for building enduring habits.

Time is of Essence.

Time is an integral part of our system, training, and programs because it’s where choices materialize or fall by the wayside. It’s the intrinsic measure of productivity and the only real estate available to fit into our priorities. Here, along with the power of your choices, is where health thrives. Make time for health, be curious, intentional, and proactive about your choices, learn if necessary and ask for help if needed … and watch productivity naturally ascend.

Stay curious and stay active,


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