Coming Back to Work After Parental Leave

We have kids. MV’s are 23 and 20, Rosana’s are 14 and 16. Although it’s been a while since we managed returning to work after our kids were born, the challenges, doubts, stress, need to prove oneself, and struggle to integrate into an evolving organization remain unchanged. In fact, the demands may have even intensified.

The Mix of Guilt and Need to Perform

This is a common challenge for every woman returning to work after a well-deserved maternity leave. While we’ve been at home, our companies have moved on. New people may have joined, new friendships may have formed, new clients may exist, and perhaps a new work dynamic has emerged. Despite these changes, women should be able to return and enjoy their new roles as professional mothers. We believe this is achievable.

Getting Ready to Manage Both Fronts with Ease

These reasons inspired us to create a program for women returning to work after their first, second, or third maternity leave. Our goal is to help them thrive by providing the right tools, strategies, support, and accountability during this transition.

Our Return2Work program is a 9-week experience combining group sessions on targeted topics and individual coaching sessions. Participants receive specific tools and assessments needed for a successful return to the office. We focus on time management, mind management (to address fears and doubts), stress regulation (to navigate the transition with ease), and, of course, sleep.

Take a Closer Look

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MV & Rosana